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Foot Orthoses / Insoles

These are specialist custom devices that you insert into your footwear  which control or alter the way your foot and lower limb works / functions. They can be used to help with pain and function. They are not arch supports. They are custom appliances which are designed to enhance motion. Please do not confuse Custom Foot Orthoses with off-the shelf orthoses.

They can be prescribed to :

- Reduce overuse of muscles                       - Control foot, ankle, knee and hip motion     

- Help with arthritis  (NICE Guidelines)         - Alleviate painful flat foot deformity   

- Improve Posture                                      - Knee problems e.g. Patello-femoral

- Remove pressure from painful feet             - Help back problems altering posture.

- Help Achilles Tendon problems.                 - Prevent injury from sport  

Type of Foot Orthoses prescribed:

1. Immediate Issue from your custom prescription decided at your assessment

2. Complex Bespoke which take approximately 1 week to make.

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